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Executive Secretary

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Virginia Military Institute
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Lexington, VA  24450

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Faculty Research

Col. Robert Moreschi 


  1. Applied Business Research Conference, January 2010, Orlando FL. Presented paper, Employee Benefit Plan Language and Sponsor Misconception.
  2. Academy of Financial Services, Annual Conference, October 2009, Anaheim CA. Presented paper, An Intergenerational Solution to Shortfalls in Retirement Savings. Also served as a session discussant.


  1. “Employee Benefit Plan Language and Sponsor Misconception” forthcoming in the Journal of Business Case Studies.

Lt. Col. Barry Cobb  


  1. “Hybrid influence diagrams for identifying credit card fraud.”  INFORMS National Meeting, San Diego, California, October 2009.
  2. "A decision analysis approach to solving the signaling game.”  University of Richmond, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium, March 2010.


  1. “A decision analysis approach to solving the signaling game.”  Decision Analysis 6(4) 239-255, with A. Basuchoudhary.
  2. “Influence diagrams for capacity planning and pricing under uncertainty.”  Journal of Management Accounting Research 21 75-97.
  3. “Efficiency of influence diagram models with continuous decision variables.” Decision Support Systems 48(1) 257-266.

Lt. Col. Raymond MacDermott 


  1. Presented “Business Ideas for Teachers” at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the New York State Economics Association, October, 2009.


  1. “The Effects of Grade Dropping in Intermediate Macroeconomics,” New York Economic Review, v. 40.
  2. “Grade Dropping, Strategic Behavior, and Student 'Satisficing'” with Lester Hadsell, American Journal of Business Education, v3, n7.

Col. Atin Basu  


  1. 2010 European Public Choice Society, Izmir, Turkey “The Evolution of Patience.” With Samuel L. Allen and Troy Siemers.
  2. 2010 American Public Choice Society, Monterey, CA “Is a Nuclear Iran Inevitable? – An Evolutionary Story,” With Cadet Josh Dixon.
  3. 2009 Southern Economic Association, San Antonio TX “An Evolutionary Analysis of Bank Survival Under Regulatory Regime Change.” With Sam Allen and Troy Siemers.


  1. “On Ethnic Conflict and the Origins of Terrorism.” (with Bill Shughart).   Defense and Peace Economics. (Spring 2010)
  2. “A Decision Analysis Approach to Solving the Signaling Same.” Co-Author: Barry Cobb. INFORMS Decision Analysis (Summer 2009).

Other Publications: 

  1. “Checks and Balances at the OK Corral:  Restraining Leviathan.” With Michael Reksulak and Bill Shughart. Will be appearing as a book chapter. Tentative 2011.
  2. “Trade, Trade Agreements and the Environment.” Entry in Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, Elsevier. With Raymond J. MacDermott and Jim Bang. Forthcoming 2010.


  1. “An Evolutionary Analysis of Tactical Choice,” 2009. Collaborator: Laura Razzolini.  Funded by the DoD (Minerva Program) through the National Science Foundation. Amount $142, 964 over three years. Collaborator has separate funding of around $110, 000.