Cadet Internships

The EC/BU Internship Program is an integral part of our mission to prepare cadets for life after graduation.    Instead of the unpaid, primarily clerical internships that were common in the past, internships now are usually well paid experiences and they often lead to post-graduation job offers.  In fact, many employers now use internships as a three month trial employment, and often hope to hire as many as 75-80% of their interns for full time positions.

The current economic conditions made the search for 2010 internships more challenging than in past years.  Many programs cut their internships completely or reduced their number of hires significantly.  However, many of our cadets rose to the challenge and worked hard to find some excellent opportunities.  The summer of 2010 will see EC/BU cadets interning at Bloomberg Global Data, Owens &  Minor, Woodward & Associates, Intelitap Inc., New Market Corporation, the U.S. State Department, The London Company and Dynis Inc. among others.   A number of these cadets are also doing the associated academic work required to earn business or economic elective credits for their internships.

Many of these opportunities were possible because of alumni connections and networking.  If you think that you can help with future internship searches in any way, please be sure to contact our Internship Coordinator, Linda Moreschi, at  She will work with you to promote the job opportunity and identify cadet candidates.  The workplace and life experiences that cadets enjoy during these summer internships are an invaluable part of their education.