Economics & Business Award Winners For 2009-2010

On April 24, 2010, the ECBU department held its annual awards ceremony to recognize the top achieving cadets in departmental courses.  The event was held for the first time at the new Center for Leadership and Ethics.  In addition to academic excellence awards being given for top cadets among all four class years, the department gave out the Roberts and Wheat medals and held the honor society (ODE and BGS) inductions.

Welsh awardsDaniel Welsh ’10 was awarded both the Roberts medal and the Wheat medal, the first time the department has awarded both medals to the same recipient.  The Roberts Medal recognizes the top standing by an economics and business major in the graduating class.  The Wheat Medal top performance on the Major Field Test—Business by an economics and business major in the graduating class.  

MFTB awards

William Correll ’10, Stephen Cauley ’10, and Shawn Wongkachonkitti ’10 were also recognized for their outstanding performance on the Major Field Test – Business.  Christopher Martin ’10 was awarded Best Paper submitted in the department for the year.  (No Philpott medal was awarded this year.) 

 First class awards

Omicron Delta Epsilon inducted 10 new members.  The inductees are:  Class of 2010:  Stephen Cary.  Class of 2011:  Jon Deane, Jr.; Robert Harris, Jr.; Bruce Hazelgrove, IV; Adam Kruithof; Thomas McDavid; Kara Noble; Keith O’Donnell; Philip Parker; Robert Schaefer. 

 BGS inductees

With AACSB accreditation, VMI was eligible to start a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, a nationally recognized business honor society.  At the initial installation of members, 3 faculty and 9 cadets were inducted.   The three faculty members are Francis Bush, Barry Cobb, and Robert Moreschi.  From the Class of 2010, the inductees are Matthew Allen, Mitchell Gardner, Jacob Moore, Tyler Romaine, and Daniel Welsh.  From the Class of 2011, the inductees are Adam Kruithof, Kara Noble, Keith O’Donnell, and Philip Parker.  

First class awards

Academic Excellence awards are given to those who achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better.   For the Class of 2010, the awardees are:  Matthew Allen, Jarrod Cartwright, Stephen Cary, Edward Desch, III, Mitchell Gardner, Jarrod Imatani, Adam Lonon, Jacob Moore, William “Tyler” Romaine, Lincoln Splettstoesser, Daniel Welsh, and Shawn Wongkachonkitti.  

Second class awards

For the Class of 2011, the awardees are:  Grafton Addison, IV, Preston Craft, Jon Deane, Jr., Alex Haitsuka, Robert Harris, Jr., Bruce Hazelgrove, IV, Chaz Jones, Joseph Keese, Adam Kruithof, Thomas McDavid, Kara Noble, Keith O'Donnell, Philip Parker, and Robert Schaefer. 


Third class awards

For the Class of 2012, the awardees are:  Kevin Brown, Dallas Disbro, Boris Duvnjak, Christopher Fraser, Riley King, Richard Luck, Santiago Munoz-Otalvaro, Bradley Parker, Michael Shafer, Lewedwyn “Kippur” Taylor, Andrew Wong, Xin Xie, Andrew Yancey. 

4th class awards

For the Class of 2013, the awardees are:  William Alewine, Russell East, James Harkrader, Jr., Robert Kanter, Thomas Moran, III, Leah Schubel, Benjamin Waterbury, Darren Waters, Thomas Wine, and Christopher Zyra.