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Mrs. Ronda Dove
Administrative Assistant

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Center for Leadership & Ethics
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Past Conference 2011: "The Eagle and the Dragon in Africa"


The United States and China are Africa’s most important bilateral partners; both have a vested interest in Africa’s success. Their respective interests are often framed as competitive over Africa's vast natural resources and emerging markets.  This conference offered an objective look at the relationship among the U.S., China, and the countries of Africa.

This symposium explored areas of common interests and goals while acknowledging the well worn argument that China and the U.S. compete in Africa while asking: how can the U.S. and China work individually and together to promote political stability and economic development in Africa?   

Conference topics included: 

  • Africa's Interest: What the U.S. and China mean for Africa's Development 
  • U.S. and Chinese Interest in Africa: Competitors or Collaborators? 
  • U.S. Approaches to Sustainable Development in Africa
  • War & Peace in Africa
  • China and U.S. Strategic Relationships with Africa 
  • For news stories and releases related to this conference, be sure to visit our Media page.