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Lexington, Virginia 24450
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Center for Leadership and Ethics

VMI has a reputation for producing strong, principled leaders in the tradition of George C. Marshall. Indeed, many alumni have discovered that, no matter their chosen profession, because they are VMI alumni, people expect them to offer effective leadership. In order to ensure that cadets live up to this hard-won and cherished reputation, VMI established the Center for Leadership and Ethics.

Through innovative programs, the Center provides cadets with opportunities to explore the meaning of leadership and the challenges that they will face as leaders no matter what they choose as a profession. It brings to Post people who have demonstrated leadership in a wide variety of careers and allows cadets to hear first-hand how these men and women answered the call to leadership

The country’s pressing need for the type of leaders that VMI strives to produce means that financial support for the Center for Leadership and Ethics is an important priority for VMI.

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