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VMI Cadets, Faculty, Staff Honored

LEXINGTON, VA., May 24, 2011 – VMI cadets, faculty, and staff were honored for achievement at the 2011 Institute Awards ceremony, held May 14 in Cameron Hall. The following awards were presented:

Cadet Awards, ROTC
Raptor Award to top-ranking Air Force cadets – John E. Alerding, 2nd Class; Dante N. Morales, 3rd Class; Christian B. Addison, 4th Class.

Brigadier General Alonzo J. Walter ’49B Award for the most outstanding graduating Air Force cadet, presented by retired U.S. Army Col. George Wilmer Dooley Jr., classmate of Walter – Matthew S. Lowe.

General Lemuel C. Shepherd Scholarship 6th Marine Division Award for a 2nd Class Marine-option cadet who demonstrates academic excellence, presented by Sam Ukrop, 6th Marine Division Association Committee member – Craig R. Waldman.

General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. 6th Marine Division Award for the top two Marine graduates, presented by Gunnery Sgt. Richard Roberts, 6th Marine Division Association member – Justin P. Ausborn and Nicholas V. Engle.

The Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished Midshipman Graduate Award for the commissioning Navy cadet who has demonstrated the highest academic excellence – Fredy W. Jurkowitsch II.

Chesty Puller Scholarship Award for a rising 1st and 2nd Class cadet for leadership, presented by Virginia Dabney, daughter of Puller – John E. Dommert and William J. Wild.

Chesty Puller Award, 1st Marine Division for a commissioning Marine cadet who exhibits the highest qualities of leadership, presented by Virginia Dabney – Matthew S. Thomas.

Lieutenant Mark R. Wilson, Sr. Midshipman Award for the most outstanding 1st Class Navy cadet, presented by family members Anne Wilson-Schafer and Mark Wilson Jr. – Clarke S. Morgret.

Major General Stephen Sewell, Jr. ’60 Award for an Army scholarship cadet in high standing – Troy J. Warcewicz.

Major General Robert Wagner Award for the Marshall-New Market Battalion commander – James J. Stevenson.

Major General J.A.B. Dillard, Jr. ’42 Award for a graduating cadet commissioning into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Colin A. Sexton.

Colonel Thomas St. John Arnold Award for an outstanding 1st Class private accepting an Army active duty commission – Jonathan C. Razack.

100th Infantry Division Lieutenant General Withers A. Burress Scholarship Fund Award for scholarship, leadership, and military proficiency, presented by Robert Fair, president, and Joseph Collie, past president, 100th Infantry Division Association – Franklin J. Banegas and Riley Ewen, rising 1st Class; Mary R. Meidenbauer and Darren M. Waters, rising 2nd Class.

The Lieutenant John H. Lattin ’66 Award for the most militarily distinguished cadet commissioning as an Army infantry officer, presented by Albert V. Carr Jr. ’66, classmate of Lattin – Christopher A. Buck.

Cadet Awards, Commandant/Cadet Life
Cmdr. H.M. Mason Military Proficiency Award, presented to a graduating cadet – Christopher A. Buck.

Earl L. Valentine, Jr. Award for a graduating cadet excelling in leadership in the Corps of Cadets – Patrick K. Terhune.

General Withers A. Burress Marksmanship Award, presented by Raymond O. Denman Jr., director emeritus, 100th Infantry Division Association – Marie M. Mallet and Thomas B. Graybeal.

Alan D’Andelot Belin Memorial Prize for a 4th Class cadet who has earned the respect of Brother Rats by performance in the rat system – Taylor J. Floyd.

John Ryd Bush Award for a 4th Class cadet for valiant character and military proficiency – Justin W. Vernon.

Charles H. Dayhuff, Jr. ’31 First Captain Award – Matthew R. Brock.

Cadet Robert R. Knight ’11 Award selected by Class of 2011 for an outstanding cadet who is a clear leader, strong in academics, and a true Brother Rat, presented by Amy Fulton, sister of Knight – Brian J. Harding.

Charles R. Martin ’55 Award for a commissioning graduating who has demonstrated excellence in military studies and outstanding leadership in the Corps – David E. Gerardo.

General Douglas MacArthur Cadet Award for a 1st Class cadet for soldierly performance in academics, athletics, and leadership – David E. Gerardo.

Marshall Citizen-Soldier Award, presented by Brian Shaw, president, George C. Marshall Foundation – Gregory D. Walker.

Intercollegiate Sports Awards for all-around excellence in intercollegiate athletics – Felix K. Kitur, Joshua A. Wine, and Jenna K. Moye.

Lieutenant General Edward Mallory Almond ’15 Award for a graduating cadet for academic, athletic, and military excellence, presented by retired Col. Thomas G. Fergusson, Almond’s grandson – Justin A. Topping.

The Nathaniel W. Pendleton ’22 Distinguished Coaching Award – Robert “Duggar” Baucom Jr. and Stephen T. Baur.

Cadet Awards, Academics

Asa S. Dearing Award for a graduating English and fine arts major – Luke Leichty.

Lieutenant Randolph T. Townsend Award for first-standing graduating cadet in the history curriculum – Lane G. Pratt.

Adolpho Ponzanelli Award for excellence in the study of modern languages – Zipporah D. McCann.

Alfred H. Knowles Award for a 1st Class cadet for accomplishments in biology – Christopher A. John and Quinn C. Wicks.

The Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr ’43 Award in Chemistry for the top-standing chemistry major – James J. Stevenson.

Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury Award for the first-standing graduate in mathematics, presented by Joan Logan Brooks, treasurer general of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and past president of the Virginia chapter – Kylie M. Turner.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Sir Moses Ezekiel Award for a cadet who has contributed to the cultural life of the Institute, also presented by Brooks – Jessica M. Rende.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Stonewall Jackson Award for the first-standing graduate in physics, also presented by Brooks – Caleb Gibson.

John H. French Medal for the graduate with highest proficiency in mathematics – Caleb Gibson.

The John W. and Jane M. Roberts Award for outstanding performance by an economics and business major – Adam T. Kruithof.

International Studies Award for a graduating IS major for integrity, scholarship, and and abiding curiosity– Hisham M. Yousif.

Stewart W. Anderson ’08 Memorial Award for superior performance in electrical engineering – Alex M. Scaperotto.

Superintendent William H. Milton, Jr. Class of 1920 Award for the first-standing graduate in mechanical engineering – Min-Han Hsieh.

Civil Engineering Award for the first-standing civil engineering graduate – Kittisak Siripollawat.

Jeff Shaara Scholar-in-Residence Award for best research topic proposal involving staff at New Market Battlefield State Historical Park – Megan V. Scheetz.

Faculty Scholarship for Merit for rising 1st or 2nd Class cadets – Lewedwyn K. Taylor, humanities and social sciences division; Pattanun Chanpiwat, engineering division; Caroline D. Wortham, science division.

Institute Honors Thesis Award – Jessica M. Rende, humanities and social sciences; Taylor D. Godsey, engineering and science.

The Wilbur S. Hinman, Jr., ’26 Research Award for superior achievement in the performance of research and for faculty sponsorship – Taylor D. Godsey with Col. Henry D. Schreiber and Lt. Col. Stanton Q. Smith; Thomas A. Schirra with Col. Mark F. Wilkinson; Kobee M. Burnshire with Lt. Col. Dennis M. Foster; and Justin P. Ausborn with Maj. Ryan P. Taylor.

Francis H. Smith Award for a rising 1st Class cadet with outstanding academic achievement, extracurricular participation, leadership ability, and potential for a professional career – Jenna M. Pickett and John E. Alerding.

Col. Herbert Nash Dillard ’34 Award for a graduate for scholarship and dedication to a broad liberal arts education – Kara M. Noble.

Faculty Awards
The Brigadier General Charles F. Brower, IV Undergraduate Research Award, presented by Brower – Patricia D. Hardin.

The Dr. D. Rae Carpenter Award for best research proposal – Lt. Col. Daniel F. McCain.

Matthew Fontaine Maury Research Award – Lt. Col. Daren J. Timmons.

The Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award for inspiring cadets in development of intellect and character – Maj. Anne B. Alerding.

The VMI Distinguished Teaching Award – Col. Wade E. Bell and Lt. Col. Dennis M. Foster.

The Navas-Read Institute Professorship in English Literature – Col. Emily P. Miller.

The Cameron Institute Professorship in Physics and Astronomy – Col. John R. Thompson.

Institute Awards
The VMI Distinguished Service Award to recognize and encourage excellence and dedication in service to VMI – Marvin A. Clark, Col. James N. Joyner Jr. ’67, and Katherine G. Ruffin-Pinson.