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Cell Phone

Steps to obtain a VMI Mobile Cell Phone 

  • The cell phone usage policy is General Order 26.  Please print a copy of this order and read it.  The needs assessment form must be completed and submitted for anyone wishing to obtain a VMI cell phone. 
  • To select a cell phone and pricing contact Melinda Jones at
  • Complete the Assessment Form and send to the Business Office.
  • Once approved by the Business Office, the form will be sent to Information Technology (IT).
  • IT will process the order.
  • The Help Desk will contact you when your Cell Phone is ready.

Note: No cell phone accessories are to accompany this request. All cell phone accessories must be purchased separately by the department. (Accessories can be purchased at a local store or from Verizon Wireless. Verify that the accessories are compatible with your phone.) 

Mobile Cell Phone Calls/Charges

  • The internal VMI phone rate is:
    • Monthly Access Fees:
      • $32.39 for a cell phone who's usage is typically 0 - 200 minutes per month.
      • $36.44 for a cell phone who's usage is typically 201 - 1,000 minutes per month..
      • $0.00 continental United States roaming charges.
      • $0.00 continental United States long distance charges.
      • These internal rates may change slightly over time to recover costs from changing cell phone usage patterns.
      • International rates vary.
    • Additional one time reoccurring monthly charges:
      • Treo, Q, and other PDA data charges are $35.99 per month in addition to the monthly access fee.
      • Text and picture messaging – This can be per message or a flat monthly fee. This fee is $0.10 per message or up to $19.99 per month depending on volume.
      • 411 information service calls – This is a per call fee. This fee is $1.25 per call.
      • Ringtones – This is a per ringtone download fee. This fee is $0.99 per ringtone.
      • Mobil Web – This is a service that allows non-PDA phones to access the web and email. This fee is $5.00 per month.
      • Federal Universal Service Charge
      • Regulatory Fee
      • VA Gross Receipts Surcharge
    • Cell Phone Upgrades and replacing lost or damaged cell phones:
      • Your cell phone device contract is for one year and if you replace your cell phone within 12 months of receiving your phone for any reason other than warranty repairs, the cost may be two to three times the published price listed.
      • All phones are under warranty for one year. Note that the warranty does not include damage caused from liquid, dropping, or sitting on the phone.
      • After the initial 12 months of having a phone, you may upgrade or replace it at the current VMI discounted price.
  • View Your Cell Phone Transactions 
  • View Departmental Cell Phone Transactions (Department Heads only) 
  • Cell Phone Directory (Restricted to specific users) 

Employee End User Program

Verizon Wireless offers a 15% discount on monthly service charges to all VMI faculty and staff for personal mobile cell phones.

To be eligible for the discount, employees must provide a copy of their driver's license and current pay stub (black out account and salary information) for verification purposes.

Click on the link below for the forms and follow the instructions to fax the information to Verizon.

The Verizon Wireless Store located in the Lexington Crossings Shopping Center at 1221 N. Lee Highway (between Burris and Crystal's Chinese Restaurant) has the form for the employee discount.  If it is more convenient, employees can complete the form in the store and they will submit it to Verizon.  Their phone number is (540) 464-8444.

Faculty and staff members who would like to order new service, phone, or accessories may contact Verizon Wireless at (800) 366-0043.