Social Science

The Social Science curriculum at VMI offers degrees in three core disciplines: Economics and Business, International Studies and Political Science, and Psychology.  Each offers a rigorous and challenging course of study.  Today’s world and workplace demand a broad interdisciplinary education.  Therefore, the Social Sciences at VMI encourage students to augment their major field of study in one program with a double major or minor from another program.  As well, a large percentage of Social Science majors complement their course work with undergraduate research, by working one-on-one with a chosen professor, and by enjoying many of the opportunities for overseas study.

As a small liberal arts college, VMI’s distinguished professors are able to work closely with their students.  The classes are small and intimate.  The opportunities for students to pursue their own interests are expansive.  The product is creative and critical thinkers able to meet the challenges presented by the increasingly global market in a complex world.

A liberal arts degree from VMI opens the door for a wide array of careers: teachers, professors, business leaders, lawyers, government service, writers and actors – among the many.  It also provides a firm foundation for a military career.