• Work for Grade Policies - Faculty Compliance Confirmation

    VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA 24450-0304 WORK FOR GRADE POLICIES Faculty Confirmation of Compliance I have provided all cadets in each section I teach a syllabus, in either print or electronic form which includes: (1) an exact transcription of the section titled "Cadets' Responsibilities" from WORK FO

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  • Tenure and Promotions Issues Summary-Oct09.dox

    Faculty Tenure & Promotions Issues Summary October 2009 Motivation During the final weeks of the 2009 spring semester, the Dean of the Faculty met with every academic department in an effort to learn what issues were of greatest concern to members of th e faculty and to understand the way forward to achieving

  • Statement of Faculty Expectations

    Statement of Faculty Expectations Virginia Military Institute Approved by the Academic Board, May 2002 The quality of the Institute's academic program rests largely on our ability to attract, develop, and retain a faculty of the highest caliber. VMI seeks to

  • SponsoredProgramsPolicy

    VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTESPONSORED PROGRAMS POLICY: PRE-AWARD/POST-AWARD PROCEDURESI.PURPOSEThe goal of obtaining grants to support sponsored programs is to improve the quality of education at the Institute. Activities associated with such grants enhance the Institutes academic reputation, provide faculty members wi