• FL10 Semester Final Exam Orders to Cadets

    VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Lexington, Virginia MEMORANDUM) NUMBER 10) 29 September 2010 Final examinations for the Fall semester will be given 13-20 December 2010. 1. a. Cadet Examination Procedures: Attention First Classmen: All academic first classmen with a graduation date of December, 2010 mustb. complete all fina

  • FinalQEP

    QUALITY ENHANCEMENT PLAN THE CORE CURRICULUM: THE NUCLEUS OF EFFECTIVE CITIZENSHIP AND LEADERSHIP VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE SEPTEMBER 2006 QUALITY ENHANCEMENT PLAN The Core Curriculum: The Nucleus of Effective Citizenship and Leadership Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia September 2006 i Table of

  • Final Exam Orders to Faculty SP11

    VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE Lexington, Virginia MEMORANDUM) NUMBER 36) 25 January 2011 Final examinations for the Spring semester will be given 4-11 May 2011. 1. Reminders for Professors: a. Collect all course work other than the examination by 1600 hours on Monday, 2 May 2011. b. Faculty must submit all grades on-line

  • Faculty Teaching Load Restructuring

    Page 1 of 5 Faculty Teaching Load Restructuring December 2014 Objective Move all full-time faculty members to a 3-3 teaching load. A 3-3 teaching load is defined as the equivalent of teaching three 3-contact hour courses each semester. This will be accomplished by applying threshold enrollment criteria, staggering unde

  • Faculty Handbook

    FACULTY HANDBOOK SEPTEMBER 2014 VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE i Record of Recent Changes Section/Page Number Changes Made Date Appendix D, p. 96 Inserted section titled “Comprehensive Review” in Appendix D (Faculty Performance Review & Compensation Plan) between the sections entitled “Annual Report and Evaluation” and “I