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Help with Study Skills

Assistance is provided through individual and small group conferences, workshops, in-class presentations, and programs such as Project Success and Group Study Sessions.

Holistic, individualized programs emphasize the development and interdependence of self-management, learning, and motivational skills in the context of the VMI culture.

Time Management: 

One of the most important skills for college and life success is time management. If you are currently using a planner, use the "College Planner Evaluation" form to see if it is serving you well:

 College Planner Evaluation

Evaluate your planner with the following criteria. Give yourself one point (1) if your planner has a way for you to complete the task and no points (0) if it does not.  



  1. Daily pages that include an hourly format such as 7:00 am to 11:00 pm so that you can record all academic commitments for the entire semester, including class times, study sessions, and graded events (e.g., tests, quizzes, papers)  

  1. Daily pages that include an hourly format such as 7:00 am to 11:00 pm so that you can record all non-academic commitments for the entire semester, including work hours, organization meetings, medical appointments, personal plans, etc.  

  1. A course information sheet for each class in which you are enrolled with which you keep track of your grades throughout the semester as well as record the classroom policies for that course (attendance policy, make-up tests policy, etc.) 

  1. Monthly to-do lists for every month of the semester 

  1. Weekly to-do lists for every week of the semester 

    6.     Daily to-do lists for every day of the semester 



If you scored six points, congratulations!

You have a tool that is empowering you to truly manage your time. The result is that you develop a plan that includes specifically what you are going to do and when you are going to do it so that you are prepared for that event.  

If you scored less than six points, be careful! Your “planner” is possibly just a calendar that reminds you that the event is approaching. You should answer the following questions: 

Identify the challenges you still face to properly manage your time if you continue to use your current planner: 

Identify the actions you are going to take to address those challenges: