Operation Excel

Operation Excel is a semester-long academic success program that is specifically designed for ROTC scholarship Rats. Operation Excel has two main components: information/resource sharing and skills development. First, Operation Excel offers cadets valuable insights and information concerning academic success from upperclass cadets who serve as facilitators for the program.

The facilitators and cadets meet in small groups for part of the weekly meeting to discuss how the previous week went and to plan the upcoming week. Topics include weekly academic and non-academic goals and meetings with faculty. The cadet facilitators provide credible and accurate strategies to help the new cadets successfully navigate the Ratline while excelling in the classroom. Information about opportunities to acquire academic enrichment such as the Institute Honors program, Study Abroad, and the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute is also provided by faculty and cadets from those programs.

Secondly, Operation Excel provides cadets with the means to develop important skills, such as time management and a system of accountability. Participants are expected to earn an Operation Excel Letter of Completion to demonstrate their commitment to academic success at VMI. Requirements to earn the Letter include consistent and engaged attendance, submitting reports of meetings with all course faculty and advisor by mid-semester, and effective use of the VMI College Success Planner.

An invitation to serve as an Operation Excel cadet facilitator is extended to cadets who earn a Letter of Completion, achieve good academic standing at the end of their semester of participation, and demonstrate commitment to their own and their peers' leadership development.

For questions, contact Lt. Col. Humphrey at humphreye@vmi.edu.