George S. Patton, VMI 1907

George S. Patton, VMI Class of 1907, was the third generation of his family to attend VMI. His grandfather, COL George S Patton, CSA, VMI 1852 and grand uncle, COL Waller Tazewell Patton, CSA, VMI 1855, had died during the Civil War. His father, George S., had graduated from VMI in 1877. Young Patton came to VMI to fulfill the family military legacy, but transferred to West Point after one year. Graduating from West Point would assure Patton of receiving a direct commission in the U.S. Army, a goal he could not have been assured of graduating from VMI.

Among the Patton family items exhibited in the VMI Museum are George Patton's VMI uniforms, his shiny helmet, and several firearms carried by Patton.

Patton Family Archival Resources at VMI