Quality Enhancement Plan

Required of all Member institutions undergoing Reaffirmation of Accreditation, the Quality Enhancement Plan is a carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses a well-defined issue directly related to enhancing student learning.

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) describes a course of action for enhancing educational quality. Core Requirement 2.12 requires that an institution develop an acceptable Quality Enhancement Plan that focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning. Comprehensive Standard 3.3.2 requires that the institution ensure that it has the capacity to implement and sustain the QEP, that a broad base of stakeholders was involved in the process, and that the QEP identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievements.

Nine Steps of the QEP are:

  • Topic Selection
  • Research the Topic
  • Define Student Learning Outcomes
  • Identify Actions to be Implemented
  • Establish Timeline Implementation
  • Organize for Success
  • Identify Necessary Resources
  • Prepare the QEP for Submission
  • Assess the Success of the QEP 

QEP Topic Development

QEP Proposed Topic A
QEP Proposed Topic B
QEP Topics Update

VMI’s Quality Enhancement Plan
Submitted for SACSCOC Review September 2016
Math that Matters: Math for the Modern World (Pending Approval)