Project Success

Project Success (PS) is a voluntary academic success program for cadets on academic probation. The program requires attendance at weekly meetings for the entire semester with MAC staff and upperclass cadet facilitators. These successful cadets serve as role models of the skills and behaviors needed to optimize the opportunities at VMI to excel in and outside of the classroom.

Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of effective time management and study skills. Cadets are expected to contribute to the program by positively engaging in activities and discussion. Cadets that successfully complete all program requirements earn the Project Letter of Completion. Requirements to earn the Letter include consistent and engaged attendance, submitting reports of meetings with all course faculty and his/her advisor by mid-semester, and implementation of strategies and skills acquired at meetings.

An invitation to serve as a PS cadet facilitator is extended to cadets who earn the Letter of Completion, achieve good academic standing at the end of their semester of participation, and demonstrate commitment to their leadership development and their peers' academic success.

For any questions, contact Maj. Tabitha Coates at