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An Uncommon Purpose closed on June 30. 2017.
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From the Campaign Chairman

Don Wilkinson '61

VMI was established to fulfill an uncommon purpose: to graduate citizen-soldiers. The Institute’s enduring ability to provide the country with leaders of character in the military and varied professions illustrates its importance and relevance for today. Now, we must secure the Institute’s future . . .

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Supporting a unique education.

As we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Institute, annual and unrestricted endowment support allows the Institute to pursue initiatives to improve its extraordinary education and provide for its long-term advancement.

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Why This Campaign is Important

Your support matters.

The challenges of the 21st century are complex. Many of them are yet unknown. But the core values that VMI stands for – honor, character, and service – will be vital to meeting those challenges.

And so will your support.

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