Henry H. Dedrick Civil War Papers
Letter, 1862 January 22

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Date: 1862 Jan 22
Place: Camp Alleghany

I received you most dear letter on the 19th and I was very glad to hear from you, to hear that you was well. I hope when these few lines comes to hand they may find you and the baby well and all the rest of my inquiring friends if there be any. I find that there is but few in those [these] days, every man that is now at home is for his self and they take every advantage of them who is now in the army serving their country. I do hope that it will be our time next.

Dear Lizza I want you to give me some satisfaction about my rye. I want to know if you have got it all thrashed out if you have not made use of it all. I want you to take care of it and your corn. If you have any you must keep it for grain is a going to be scarce after while. I want to know if you get any thing from Mrs. Ellis or not and I want to know how much you have got from him.

Dear Lizza you wished to know what we wanted with so many clapboards. We have a stable to build, large enough to hold one hundred and fifty horses and we have some cabins to build yet, but I don't know how many.

I am well and hearty. William Offlighter, George W. Offlighter, E. W. Sillings, Hiram Coyner, J. W. Padgett, Benjamin Wright, Lewis Phillips is all well and hearty. James, Lewis and William Grass is on the mend, they all send you their best respects. The health of our Regt. is very good at this time. Dr. J. S. Myers has been elected second lieutenant in our company. He is well.

Dear Lizza I would like very much to see you and your sweet little boy about this time. Some says that we will get furloughs after while. If any of our company gets furlough I will. Captain Long says that he is going to try the first of next week and see what he can do for us. There is twelve married men that has not been at home. He says if there is any chance for us we shall go.

Well, as I have no news of importance I will close for the present. I have not yet give up trying to meet my lord. I remain your affectionate husband until death separates us. From your husband.

M. E. A. Dedrick