Henry H. Dedrick Civil War Papers
Letter, 1862 March 8

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Date: 1862 March 8
Place: Camp Alleghany

My Dear Wife-

I take my pen in hand this morning to write you a few lines to make up what I have wrote on the other piece, as I was in a hurry for I thought I would send it and wait until the next time and then I did not send it, as I would have time to write more.

I am well at this time and I hope when these few lines comes to hand they may find you all in good health. I received a letter from Father yesterday and I was very glad to hear from them and to hear that they was well. He said in his letter that he was out to see you the day before, and he said that you and Willie was well and all the rest of your pap's folks was well. He said when he started from there that little Willie cried and hollered after him. He said that he left with a sad heart to think that the little boy would cry after him and to think that I was out here and did not know whether we would ever meet on earth any more or not, and he said that he had to shed tears when he was writing to think about it. Dear Lissa you don't know how it hurt my feelings to read it.

Dear dear Lissa we have some very good times here although we have to run out in the ditches sometimes when the pickets makes a false alarm. I tell you that we get up and toddle to the ditches and there we have to stand out there and all most freeze, but we take it all in fun. We hear so much news here that we don't know what to believe and so I don't listen at anything that I hear.

I must stop writing as I am getting tired. Father sent me the pattern of our sweet little boys hand. I was glad to see it. It has growed very much since I seen it. Dear Lissa I tell you that we have to pay high for every thing that we buy. I bought two checks shirts and I had to pay for the two four dollars and a half. I think that it is right hard that we can't get a shirt with out paying $2.25cts for it. I have some money here, if you want some let me know. I don't like to send in a letter, but if you need it I will try send it in a letter. It is very pleasant here today. Give my love to all of my inquiring friends if there be any. May god bless you and save you through Christ. From you husband. I hope that I will see you on earth again. God bye Dear wife, for this time.