Henry H. Dedrick Civil War Papers
Letter, 1862 February 1, from Mary Dedrick

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Mary Dedrick to Henry
Date: 1862 Feb 1
Place: not given. Probably Sherando, VA

Dear Henry:
I received your dear letter Wednesday and was very glad to hear you was well. I would have received it sooner I suppose but the mail was delayed. We are all well. Your Father was here last Sabbath and they were all well. They say that Mag [---mon] and Dave [illegible] is married. Franklin Manly is dead, he had the sore throat and little Tis Manly is about of. Times is hard here and if this war continues I don't know what poor people is to do. You wanted me to give you some satisfaction about your rye. I had to give rye for threshing and I paid James Lewis and pap and I lent Dr. Drummand a bushel and a half and Pap got his share out of it and sold Hester a half of bushel for coffee, and I have a little left and I have got a little to thresh. You wanted me to take care of it and I do assure you that I will take care of everything that I have got.

You wanted to know if I had any corn. I have got some and I have to feed my hogs every night and morning a little for they are [there is] not a bit of [illegible]. Dear Henry you wanted to know if I got anything from Mr. Ellis. He gives me 25 and 30 lbs. of flour a month, 1 lb of coffee, 2 lbs of sugar and no meat. He give me a little last fall but none since, and it don't do me, and I had to use what little buckwheat I had and have to use my corn and I can't get to go after it always, and if I want a horse I have to pay 25 cts for it and if I want a little wagon I have to pay 50 cts. for it and everything is so high. You don't know what hard times I have here about wood. Your Father did haul me a little and Aunt Becky got some hauled and when that is done I don't know what I will do. Pap sold his horse, when he had his I could get it any time.

Aunt Becky says Willie can eat as much corn bread and buttermilk as the next one. He can whistle pretty good. Uncle Jonathan says watch and pray lest you be led into temptation for he says your wife is here and you are there. Dear Henry I am glad that you are not give up trying to get to heaven. In this world we have tribulation. But in Christ we have consolation. I hope we will meet around the throne one day or other. Dear Henry strive for heaven. From your sincere wife, M. A. E. Dedrick

P.S. I was glad when I heard Long was going to try to get you married men a furlough but I don't believe Genl. Johnson will give you any. Nine days from today your baby will be a year old. Amanda Ma and pa sends their compliments to you and Hiram and Wm. [S. H. O.]