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Records Management at VMI

Contact COL Diane Jacob  x7566 if you need help or have questions.
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consult our FAQ for detailed information.

The Virginia Military Institute complies with all requirements for records retention and destruction as governed by the provisions of the Virginia Public Records Act (Code of Virginia). Records retention schedules and regulations for all state agencies are created and maintained by the Library of Virginia. The agency records officer is the Head of Archives and Records Management.  In addition, VMI-specific policy is stated in General Order 21.

Employees must consult the approved retention schedules before disposing of records. The required legal retention period must have been met; there can be no pending audits, litigation, or other holds on the records; AND you must complete a Certificate of Records Destruction.  This form must be signed by the department or unit head (or authorized designated person), and it must be submitted for approval to the Head of Archives and Records Management (currently COL Diane Jacob)  before any records are destroyed. 

Essential Information and Services

  • Review the records retention schedules to determine how long records must be retained
  • Follow these instructions for completing the required records destruction form.   Records that meet the required retention period (are at the end of their lifecycle) should be destroyed.
  • Material requiring confidential destruction may be sent to the VMI Archives for secure, on-site, bulk shredding.  Follow these instructions for transferring records.  
  • Email and electronic records use the same retention schedules and disposal form as paper records. It is the content of a record that determines its retention period; the format/medium is irrelevant. More information in our FAQ  
  • Non-current/inactive records of permanent historical, legal, administrative, or other long-term value should be transferred to the VMI Archives for preservation when they no longer serve a purpose in your office.  Contact the Archives before transferring.

What is Records Management?

  • The maintenance of currently active, administratively useful, public records
  • The proper disposition of public records that no longer serve administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical purposes; and
  • The preservation of those records that have historical value or that must be preserved by law or for other reasons. These are retained permanently in the VMI Archives.