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James E. Slaughter, Class of 1848

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  • Biographical Information
    • Early Life
      James Edwin Slaughter, born 1827, Culpeper Co., Virginia. Parents: Daniel French Slaughter and Letitia Madison. Grandparents: Philip Slaughter/Margaret French Strother; William Madison/Frances Throckmorton.
    • VMI record
      Enrolled on August 6, 1845 and resigned on July 6, 1846.
    • Marriage
      Never married
    • Pre-Civil War
      Served in United States Army from 1847 until outbreak of Civil War, when he resigned to join Confederate Army.
    • Civil War
      1861 appointed 1st Lt. CSA Artillery and served on Beauregard's staff in Alabama and Florida; appointed Brigadier General in March 1862; on staff of Gen. Bragg in Mississippi and Alabama; 1863 April to Texas as Magruder's Chief of Artillery; remained in Texas until end of war; he went to Mexico after Lee's surrender.
    • Post-war
      Civil Engineer; lived in Mexico for several years and then returned to live in Mobile, Alabama and subsequently in New Orleans, LA; died in Mexico City on January 1, 1901 and was buried there.