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Letter of Recommendation, 1863

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The following letter was written by Mary Anna Jackson, the wife of General Stonewall Jackson, on behalf of her relative William H. McDowell. The letter was addressed to General Francis H. Smith, the Superintendent (President) of VMI.

Charlotte, N.C. Jany 20th 1863
Gen'l F.H. Smith
My dear Sir,

I have been requested by a cousin of mine, Mrs. McDowell, to make application to you for a cadetship in the Institute for her son--a youth of fine character & talents. I would be much gratified if you could receive him, as I feel special interest in him, feel assured he will do well & his parents are very anxious for him to have a military education. Please let me hear from you as early as you conveniently can on the subject.

My love to Mrs. Smith & your daughters. With kind regards for yourself, I am, my dear Gen'l,
Yours very truly, Mary Anna Jackson.