World War II Oral History, D-Day.
LTC Al Alvarez Interview

Interview Summary:
LTC Alfred A. Alvarez was born in 1924 and grew up in Chelsea, Massachusetts. He enlisted in July 1942 and following stateside training joined the 1st Infantry Division in England. He took part in the Normandy invasion, hitting "Easy Red," Omaha Beach on D-Day. He subsequently saw action in the Champagne campaigns and at Hurtgen Forest, the Battle of the Bulge, and in Czechoslovakia. Alvarez re-enlisted in the Reserves in 1945 and during his thirty-two years of duty served combat tours in Korea and Vietnam and was deployed to Central and South America. He was inducted into the U. S. Army OCS Hall of Fame in April 2003. This interview covers his service in World War II.
Service Branch: U.S. Army
Areas/Topics/Events: World War II, D-Day, First Infantry Division in Europe, Battle of the Bulge
Dates covered: 1942-1945