Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1846 September 25
Mexican War Service

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Date: 1846 September 25
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Point Isabel, Texas
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Point Isabel Texas
Sept 25th/46

Dear Sister:

I arrived in this port last evening and purposed on writing to you before closing my eyes in sleep but I was prevented from executing my purpose by the impossibility of procuring an idle pen. I have availed myself of this opportunity of writing in particular as it may be the last favorable one for days to come as in this country letters are generally transmitted from one person to another through the kindness of a third person or the quartermasters. How I shall be able to get this to New Orleans I can not say but it must be through one of these channels. There are at present about one hundred vessels in port, some of which I presume will soon sail for New Orleans.

It is useless for me to attempt to give a detailed account or narrative of occurrences since I last parted with you but suffice it to say that I arrived home on the following Monday and on the succeeding Wednesday received orders to report without delay to Capt. Francis Taylor and the following day in compliance with my orders bid farewell to my uncle's family and proceeded to Fort Columbus but on arriving there ascertained that he had left. On receiving this information I proceeded to Fort Hamilton where I found him. From that post in connection with Capt. Taylor thirty men and forty horses I took up march for this place. After traveling upwards of 400 miles by land we reached Pittsburgh where we took water and have finally arrived here after a March of about 36 days.

Whilst I was in Clarksburg I learned that Mr. McWilliams was still in your house and unable to pay rent for it and I was advised to consult Burtin Despard. He told me that the house could be cleared of its occupants in a short time but that it might cost about fifteen dollars to effect it and if Mr. Arnold should desire him that he would attend to it. And if I had to employ any one he should have the preference in as much as he would in my opinion effect it in a shorter time than any other attorney in Clarksburg. The lot which you were speaking of purchasing he told me that in his opinion you could not get a good title for it if you should purchase it because it is already covered by three deeds of trust. Any further information upon the subject can be obtained by applying to Mr. Despard.

I have not yet landed but an officer of the Quartermasters Department has been aboard and stated that General Taylor had observed that he would be ready for another battle by yesterday. This news came by letter from Col. Whiting. Whether the Battle came off or not I can not say.

I belong to K company 1st Artillery which to use the common phrase is a flying company of Artillery. I could say much more but I am writing in a strong gale of wind and where things are all confusion. I am in hopes of starting up the Rio Grande tomorrow and on reaching General Taylor as soon as possible. I wish you to write to me soon directing your letter to Lieut T.J. Jackson, Comp K, 1st Artillery, Army of Occupation Mexico. It may reach me but not with certainty. My health is better than it has been for some time. Give my respects to the good people of Beverly they still occupy a high place in my esteem especially your amiable husband whose kindness as well as yours has been indelibly written on my heart and memory.

T.J. Jackson

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