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Date: 1847 May 25
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Jalapa, Mexico
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Jalapa, May 25th, 1847
Lovely Sister

I have the mortification of being left to garrison the town of Jalapa. Capt Taylor used his influence to keep me with him in which event I should have gone forward. But [Col. Childs] who was made military governor of this place got General Scott to issue an order requiring me to join my company which was under the command of the governor. Not withstanding my present situation I have some hope of getting forward by-and-by when more troops get in from the states. But all this is with General Scott. I throw myself into the hands of an all wise God and hope that it may yet be for the better. It may have been one of [His] means of diminishing my excessive ambition and after having accomplished his purpose whatever it may be he then in his infinite wisdom may gratify my desire.

The army was to move at the time which I mentioned but General Scott concluded to disband the volunteers as their time had nearly expired and this so much diminished our force that we delayed the advance until a couple of days since. General Scott left on Sunday with an escort following in the wake of his troops. General Worth has been in Puebla for about 10 days. Santa Anna marched from Orezaba and commenced fortifying about half way between the cities of Puebla and Mexico but owing to some [cause] he relinquished it and marched into the capital left the army and is now in the presidential chair. As to his motives I cannot say anything further. But I suppose that he thinks that his influence will be more powerful there than elsewhere. The people here think him an infamous man. An election was held on the 15th for president and Herera was the successful candidate but will not take his seat for a few months yet.

I am in fine quarters and making rapid progress in the Spanish language and have an idea of making some female acquaintances shortly. I see many things here of interest by the way of ornament and fruits and wish that I only had an opportunity of sending some to you and Thomas. I well know that he would like to have a ranchero (Mexican) on horse back followed by some large dogs. I would be much pleased to hear from Wirt poor fellow?

Give my respects to your estimable husband. I want to hear whether the reports about Uncles Cummins & Edward are true. I think of you often and my heart more than once upbraided me for my neglect to you. But I feared to inform you of things as they were in this unholy land. Your Brother always.

T.J. Jackson

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