Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1850 August 10

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Date: 1850 August 10
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Ft. Ontario, NY
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Fort Ontario N.Y.
Aug 10th 1850
My Dear Sister,

You are probably surprised at hearing from me so frequently at different points as a member of Courts Martial. I am now about twelve hours from Niagara Falls, and consequently intend visiting them before returning home. I will leave here in the evening and be at the Falls next morning.

The Court will probably remain in session for several days.

Fort Ontario is situated on the lake of the same name and in view of the city of Oswego.

If circumstances permit me to return home to Va. this coming fall, how can I get to your town most conveniently from Washington City. My health is still improving, but is as yet so delicate as to render much regularity necessary, and it is probable that I am more particular in my rules that any person of your acquaintance. I fear that I will be much exposed in crossing the mountains, unless there is a stage line through from Eastern Virginia. When you write, let me know what kind of flowers, plants, &c are in your garden and what kind you would like for me to bring. I expect that I can obtain almost every description in New York.

I am to commence staying at a water cure establishment this evening where I expect to remain during my stay here. I have great faith in them for such infirmities as mine. I have been for some months adopting it to a certain extent, and with advantage.

Remember me very kindly to Mr. A. and the family.

Your brother,
T.J. Jackson

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