Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1852 November 11

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Date: 1852 November 11
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
November 11, 1852
My Dear Sister,

Your letter has been received with its enclosures, but it had brought sorrow to my heart to learn that you health is unusually delicate. My dear sister, my concern for you is great. This concern is not restricted to you whilst in this world, but it extends into the unending future, and my continual prayer is that you will return into the fold of God. My dear sister, if you will but seek God in the bible conditions he will give you peace and comfort while all the powers on Earth can not de[liver] and the hopes of a coming immor[tality] will make all the ills of life supportable under every circumstance. Your mother prayed for you and I believe that the same may be said of your brother Warren. And can it be that the prayers of them and myself united, will not be heard by "Our Father in Heaven." I fear that you concern yourself too much about the things of this life. I expect that you have probably been devoting too much care to the articles which you spoke of forwarding to me. Now do not think any more about me in relation to them, but bear in mind that I have plenty of everything except health and that this has much improved.

I hope that health will return to you with all of its blessings. I have written twice to cousin Harriet since we parted. I do think her one of the sweetest ladies. I wish that I could be in her society more frequently than circumstances will permit.

We have had a lovely fall in this portion of the state. My kindest regards to Mr. Arnold's family, all inquiring friends.

Your brother, Thomas P.S. This morning I fired ten guns from the Battery of Artillery in commemoration of the origin of the Institute. This day, thirteen years it went into operation and it is now in a very flourishing condition, so much so that we cannot accommodate all the applications.

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