Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1853 August 3

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Date: 1853 August 3
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Rockbridge Alum Springs, Virginia
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Rockbridge Alum Springs
August 3rd, 1853
My Dear Sister,

I arrived here yesterday in good health, and expect to leave for the North this evening, via Lexington. There are about five hundred visitors here at present, and the accommodations are nearly exhausted, and in a few days it is quite possible that persons from necessity will be turned off. I hope that Stark has quite recovered. Remember me very kindly to all the family, and to all other enquiring relatives and friends. Say to Mrs. [Hillie/Hellee] that I saw Judge Brockenbrough, but that as he is not a Freemason, I shall try elsewhere. I expect to be in Staunton tomorrow and hope to be able to find some influential Mason there who will attend promptly to the business. I endeavored to do so when coming through Staunton, but did not succeed. I intend to press the matter until some definite action shall have been taken upon the subject.

Say to Dr. Bosworth that I saw John1 yesterday, and that he was well with the exception of a sore leg. I asked him if he had written home, and he said that he had not done so, that he did not wish to, because of his leg being sore. I advised him to write and say nothing about his leg as it would be better to let them hear from him, though he should say nothing in respect to this. His leg did not appear to trouble him much, he was going about the encampment and did not appear much lame. He told me that he would write. If you should say anything to the Doctor about John's leg, tell him to have no concern about it. But probably it would be best to say nothing about the subject of health. I am scarce of paper. Tell Miss Eliza that she must be on the look out for something in relation to me, and in reference to which she called my attention.

Your brother,
Say to Doctor Bosworth that I did not hand in the list for John, because of its having already been done.

1Cadet John W. Bosworth, VMI Class of 1857.

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