Sandie Pendleton Civil War Papers, 1862-1863
Stonewall Jackson Staff Officer
Manuscript #00412

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  • 1862 August 2. Dispatch to Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell.
    Jackson orders 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment to report to Gen. A. P. Hill
  • 1862 August 2. General Order 78.
    By order of Gen. Jackson. All soldiers sent to hospitals must have certificate from their regimental surgeons.
  • 1862 August 5. Dispatch to Gen. Ewell.
    Requests names of officers involved in enrolling conscripts.
  • 1863 March 4. General Order 15.
    By order of Gen. Jackson. Regarding reports of property used during encampments; staff officer furloughs; enlisted men may not be employed as servants by any officer.
  • 1863 May 10. Note.
    From Pendleton to his father announcing the death of Stonewall Jackson.  Additional information about death of Jackson 
  • 1863 May 21. To Major Wells J. Hawks.
    "...I shall leave here. It is terrible almost makes me sick. Gen. Hill will I think from what I can learn be certainly appointed. There is a talk of making 3 Corps & giving Ewell one."
  • 1863 June 15. General Order 44.
    By order of General Ewell, giving thanks for victory.
  • 1863 September 4.
    Major Wells J. Hawks' request for a leave of absence.
  • 1863 December 22.
    Maj. Wells J. Hawks to proceed to the Valley District to procure subsistence supplies.

Biographical information :
Alexander (Sandie) Swift Pendleton was born near Alexandria, Virginia on September 28, 1840. He was the only son of William Nelson Pendleton (Episcopal minister, educator, Confederate General) and Anzolette E. Page. The Pendleton family moved to Lexington, Virginia in October 1853, where William became rector at Grace Episcopal Church. Sandie Pendleton graduated from Washington College (now Washington & Lee University) in 1857, and subsequently enrolled at the University of Virginia, where he was pursuing a Master of Arts degree when the Civil War began in April 1861. He received a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in Provisional Army of Virginia and reported to Harper's Ferry on June 14, 1861. Within weeks, he was asked by General Stonewall Jackson to join his staff as an ordnance officer --- Jackson had known Pendleton from their days together in Lexington, where Jackson was a Professor at the Virginia Military Institute. Pendleton subsequently served as Jackson's Assistant Adjutant General (Second Corps), and the relationship between Pendleton and Jackson was a close one-- it was said that Jackson "loved him like a son." Following Jackson's death at Chancellorsville in May 1863, Pendleton remained as AAG under General Richard S. Ewell and would later serve under Gen. Jubal A. Early. Pendleton married Kate Corbin in December 1863, and the newlyweds were expecting their first child when he was mortally wounded at Fisher's Hill on September 22, 1864. He died on September 23, and in October his body was returned to Lexington for burial. Kate Corbin Pendleton gave birth to a son, Sandie, in November 1864. The child contracted diphtheria and died in September 1865.