Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1854 February 14

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Date: 1854 February 14
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia

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Lexington, Va.
February 14th 1854
My Dear Sister,

Your long looked for letter arrived at last. I am much pleased at having another niece and hope that she may prove as pretty and interesting as Grace. I hope that you may not have a return of the sore mouth, but that better health may bless you than in past years.

It is very singular that Mr. Tanner neglected to give you the things entrusted to him, possibly he changed his route after having seen me and did not pass through Beverly.

I wish that I could get Tom some suitable books here. I may have an opportunity of getting some by the time that any person from this place goes to Beverly.

I send you a lock of Ellie's hair which she reluctantly parts with because of its color, which she hopes may prove more acceptable to your taste than it has ever been to hers. My message to you is that you must prize it very highly as being the token of a sister's love and from a brother's wife.

Send us a lock from your hair and also one from Grace. Tell her to give me the prettiest she has so that I may look at it when I am so far off that I cannot see her pretty face. Tell her furthermore that I have told her Aunt that Grace is very pretty & her conduct much as good as her face.

I have not yet heard of any money being collected for Mrs. Hillie and I feel uneasy about it; yet I have strong reassurances that something will be done, and I shall press the matter until a definite answer shall have been obtained, and the result I will inform Mrs. Hillie of immediately. Ellie joins me in love to you and the family.

Your brother, Thomas

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