Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1854 May 2

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Date: 1854 May 2
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
May 2nd 1854

My Dear Sister,

I chanced to be at the Hotel yesterday when Doctor White was passing through town and was much pleased at meeting him; it served to some extent the purpose of seeing you; as I thereby had an opportunity of seeing someone who had recently been with my sister. He told me that you had written to me and after the Post Office had opened I received your letter. The mass1 of which you speak I would send to you, had the Doctor not have procured it before seeing me, he told me that he had found it in the shop of some doctor as he was coming to Lexington. Should you wish any more at any time, let me know and I will procure it for you. I do hope that little Tom is free from that dreadful disease the scrofula.2 I trust that your apprehensions may prove groundless but it always best to be wide awake, and not permit ourselves to be taken by surprise.

I hope that your health may continue to improve. The poor little Babe what can be the matter with it? I suppose that it is difficult to decide in so young a child, but let us hope for the better while we continue to be prepared for the worst.

Ellie's face has not yet entirely recovered; but I am of the opinion that time will effect a perfect restoration.

Remember me very kindly to Mr. A. and to all enquiring relatives and friends. Tell Thomas and the other children, that I love them, and that they must be good children. Ellie joins me in love to you all.

Your brother, Thomas P.S. Tell Thomas that I am sorry that he is sick, and that I wish that I could do something for him. T.J.J.

1 A pharmacological mixture from which pills are formed
2 A disease characterized mainly by chronic enlargement and degeneration of the lymphatic glands.

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