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Date: 1854 June 12
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
June 12th, 1854

My Dear Sister,

Your sorrowful letter came safe. Your loss is one which I have never been called upon to bear up under; I can well conceive of the tender union which is thus sundered. You have my sympathy1 and I wish I could point you successfully to the source of consolation. I have [entrusted?] the hair to Ellie's keeping. I am not certain that we will be able to come to Beverly this summer; though, should we do so, I will write to you before hand. I am glad to hear that the other children are doing so well. Enclosed is the ribbon. I hope that it will please you, it was the prettiest that Ellie could find. Should there be any other article that I can procure you, it will give me pleasure to do so. I am not certain about my election; but be the result as it may, my friends have acted nobly in my cause.2 I am very much pressed at this time with studies and letter writing; though a few more weeks will close our session. Tell Doctor B. that his son is in good health. All of my wife's family are at home now, with the exception of one brother, who is in Pa. One of her brothers who is a lawyer in Philadelphia has brought home his bride; having married last Thursday.

I am endeavoring to get an answer about Mrs. Hilley's money: and if I do not get it soon I shall go and see about it in person, and will have the matter settled either one way or the other. Remember me to her and to all my other friends.

Your brother
T. J. Jackson Remember me very kindly to each member of the family and to my other relations. TJJ

1Reference to the death of Laura's infant daughter, Laura Zell Arnold (b. Dec. 1853 d. May 1854).
2Reference to Jackson's pending application for a professorship at the University of Virginia. Shortly after this letter was written, the University's Board awarded the position to another candidate.

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