Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1854 July 14
Elinor Jackson Letter

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Date: 1854 July 14
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Elinor (Ellie) Jackson
Place: Healing Springs, Virginia
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Healing Springs, Va.
July 24th 1854

My dear Laura,

We intended to have written last week to you concerning our journey and safe arrival here, but it was postponed from day to day as such things often are. The journey over the mountains was exceedingly tiresome to me, as the road over the Cheat Mt. had been newly macadamized & the load was heavy for two horses. We had a very agreeable companion with us, whose vivacity and intelligence beguiled our way very much. His name was Henry O. Middleton & he is a great land owner & speculator. Much of his talk was about land. It was nine o'clock when we reached Monterey and we left it at two in the morning, so we did not have very much rest-- but by lying down on the seat with my head on the Major's knees & Mr. Middleton's overcoat for a pillow I rested somewhat & did not feel the jolting so terribly as I did sometimes. At Yager's where we dined, they had according to the Major's request a fine dish of trout and I can assure you we did full justice to them. We did not go all the way to Staunton on Saturday, but stopped 15 miles short of it at Dudley's. From there the landlord brought us over to Oakland on the other turnpike. There we stayed over Sunday and on Monday evening we took the stage again. That night we slept at Cloverdale & the next day we came on here, stopping to breakfast at the Bath Alum.

The Major inquired there for the mass1 according to your wish but they had none and were making none. There were very few visitors there.

We reached these Springs about noon on Tuesday. A good many people have come since we did and now I suppose there are 50 or 60 here. The water is disagreeably warm to drink, but is very pleasant to bathe in. I drink about 5 glasses a day & the Major drinks more. They keep an excellent table and we get the very nicest brown bread, plenty of venison & other meat and twice they had tomatoes, but they were brought from Richmond. They have been examining my face this morning & I think it is a little improved.2 I let the water run over it when I was in the bath. The Major thinks the water is doing him good. He joins with me in sending love to you & the children & compliments to Mr. Arnold.

Yours Affect.
E.J. Jackson
The Major says they did not know when they would make any mass at the Bath Alum, but he says if you want it he will direct them to send you a keg of it, but he expects the transportation will cost a good deal.

1A pharmacological mixture from which pills are formed
2Elinor Jackson was suffering from facial neuralgia.

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