Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1855 June 18

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Date: 1855 June 18
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
June 18th 1855

My Dear Sister,

Your letter post marked 10th Inst. came a few days after I had written to Mr. Watts of Staunton in reference to Mrs. Hilley and he tells me in his reply that the grand lodge could not do any thing for want of Jurisdiction and that the Staunton Lodge could not give assistance for want of funds. A recent house built by this lodge has prevented any aid from this source. Mr. W. said "We have purchased a very fine lodge room at a heavy expense, and all the means we can well share must go to pay for it." So you see how hopeless the case is. Say to Mrs. Hilley that I much regret this issue of the application. I had hoped that something would have been done, but as the Staunton and the grand lodges have both failed, I don't see that any thing is to be hoped for in this section of the state.

Julia last week purchased two collars for you but she could not find a suitable belt. I afterwards went in search of one, but with a similar result. There are plenty of them, but not such as please me, so I intend postponing the purchase until I reach Staunton. I could get a bonnet but I am afraid that it would get broken. I shall think it over when I am in Staunton. The [shawl] I have had no opportunity as yet of sending for. I shall try and bring you some slips from dear Ellie's flowers.

It will give me much pleasure to teach Thomas while I am with you. I have a few old clothes which I will take with me. I much obliged for your kindness in reference to the shirts but don't let any thing be touched until I see you.

Wirt has not written since your last.

Remember me very kindly to Mrs. Hilley & to Miss El[illegible] and to other enquiring friends.

Give my love to all the family. I hope that Aunt and Cousin John's health have improved.

Your affectionate brother,

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