Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1855 December 25

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Date: 1855 December 25
Item: Letter
To: Nephew (Thomas Arnold)
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
Christmas 1855

My Dear Nephew,

Your letter has given me pleasure in various ways. I am glad to know that you can find time from your play to write me so good a letter and hope that you will write frequently. I am sorrowed that your mule should have been so unmannerly as to throw you off & even after doing this should kick you, but now since your Pa has sold him all such accidents I hope will be avoided for the future. I remember having once been served pretty much the same way by one of those kicking creatures. It happened in this way I went with Cousin Wm. Brake whom your mother can tell you about to bring some mules home one Sunday Morning, and as I was riding down a long hill somehow or other I not only got over the mark across his shoulders but he got me over his head and jumped clear over me and way he went & from that day to this I have not been very fond of mule riding. You know they kick out to one side like a cow.

I have corrected your letter & believing that you would understand the corrections better if I returned the letter with the corrections I have concluded to return it with this. And now I am not going to look over my letter, and I expect that there are some mistakes in it & if so I wish when you read it that you would point them out to your Pa or Ma and tell me of them when you next write, and if there are many you can just correct them, and return the letter thus corrected. I hope that you will get to a good school this Winter. I saw Doctor Bosworth this morning at the Hotel or Tavern in Town. He is up paying his son John a visit during the Christmas holidays & I wish that you would go & tell Mrs. Bosworth that I saw him & tell her also that John is well.

The Doctor told me that he thought that you would have a good teacher in Town this winter. I hope that you will get enough money to buy a calf and that you will grow up to be a good & wise man.

Give much love to your Father, Mother, Grace & Stark.

Your affectionate Uncle

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