New Market Day. May 15, 1866
Reburial of Five Cadets Who Died at New Market
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Cadet Thomas Jefferson, mortally wounded at New Market

New Market Top Level 

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Ten VMI cadets were mortally wounded at the Battle of New Market on May 15, 1864. Five of the cadets --- William Henry Cabell, Charles Gay Crockett, Henry Jenner Jones, William Hugh McDowell, and Jaqueline Beverly Stanard --- died on the battlefield. The sixth, Thomas Garland Jefferson, died three days later in a private home. These six were buried in the Lutheran Church cemetery at New Market.

Four other cadets --- Samuel Francis Atwill, Alva Curtis Hartsfield, Luther Cary Haynes, and Joseph Christopher Wheelwright --- died over the period of the next six weeks as a result of the wounds received in battle. Wheelwright had been taken from the battlefield to the home of a doctor in nearby Harrisonburg, where he died on June 2; Haynes died circa June 15 at the old Powhatan Hotel Hospital in Richmond; Hartsfield died in a Petersburg hospital on June 26; Atwill; Atwill died on July 20 at the home of Dr. F. T. Stribling, in Staunton.

In the Spring of 1866 the remains of Jones, McDowell, Jefferson, Wheelwright, and Atwill were reinterred at VMI. On May 7, 1866 a detail of four cadets, all of them New Market veterans, set out to bring back the bodies of their classmates. On May 15, the second anniversary of the battle, the bodies were escorted in a procession of the Corps of Cadets from the VMI hospital to the town's Presbyterian Church where memorial services were held. Follow the ceremony, the bodies were placed in a vault in the old Porter's Lodge located near the Limit Gates. The remains were subsequently moved to the magazine, located on the bluff across the ravine behind barracks; in 1878 to the newly created cadet cemetery, located in a wooded area which now is the northwest corner of the parade ground; and in 1912 to their final graves under the statue "Virginia Mourning Her Dead." Although individual headstones mark their graves, the remains are actually buried in a copper box set into the foundation of the monument. A sixth grave --- that of Crockett --- was added in 1960.

The four other cadets who died at New Market are buried elsewhere. Cabell's grave is at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond; Hartsfield is buried in an unmarked grave in Petersburg; Haynes is interred at his home "Sunny Side" in Essex County; and Stanard at Orange, Virginia.