Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1856 May 19

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Date: 1856 May 19
Item: Letter
To: Aunt
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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May 19th/56

My Dear Aunt,

You may ere this have wondered at my long silence. And it has not resulted from not having thought of you, but this year like the past has been much occupied with my professional duties and I have not yet finished a new book which I am teaching this year on astronomy. But by the way I think that you are a letter in my debt. But with those I love I don't wish to stand on formalities, and you see from the size of my paper that you are not to be troubled with a long epistle.

And you are probably by this time beginning to think that he has not much to say or else he would commence setting about it. But such is not the case, for we have such an outpouring of the Spirit of God in our churches here as I never remember of having seen elsewhere. Your branch of the church has recently been increased though I can not say how much. The Episcopal church about a week since took in nearly twenty five and from present appearances I suppose that about fifty will join the Presbyterian church in a few days when we are to have our commission. The Baptist church is also being blest, and I think that we may reasonably expect more than one hundred from this revival. I feel very thankful to God for such divine blessings.

I wish that Laura was here. I want you dear Aunt to make her one of the number for whom you regularly pray. What answer did she give you in regard to your very kind and Christian letter to her. Pray that the Glorious work of grace here may go on. Laura appears to be blest with unusual good health this summer. I wrote to Wirt sometime since a letter of very plain talk about the same that I wrote to you in regard to him. It was the result of a letter which he wrote to me. I thought that in reply I had better be plain even though he should take offence. For he would then see that I only wish to have business transactions with persons who were entirely reliable. Please give much love to Uncle & to all the family. Remember that I attach unusual importance to your letters.

Your affectionate nephew

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