Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1856 October 27

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Date: 1856 October 27
Item: Letter
To: Aunt
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Oct. 27th 1856
My very dear Aunt,

It is with pleasure that God again permits me to write to you from my adopted home. Your kindness and that of Uncle has not been forgotten but when you hear where I was during my short absence you will not be surprised at not hearing from me, as my time was even too short to see well what came within the range of my journey. After leaving Liverpool, I passed to Chester & Eaton Hall and from thence returning I visited Glasgow Lochs Lomond & [Katrine] Sterling Castle. Edinburgh, York, London, Antwerp, Brussels, Waterloo, Aix La Chapelle, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfort on the Main, Heidelberg, Baden Baden, Freiberg, Geneva, Mer de Glas, over the Alps, through the Simplon Pass, Naples, Rome, Marseilles, Paris, London, Liverpool, home.

I would like to have a long talk with you all about the many interesting things which came under my observation, but must forgoe the pleasure for the present and to attempt to write about it would be unsatisfactory as a long letter would hardly touch upon the subject. You were doubtless surprised at my sudden determination not to go west but to go to the "Old World." My friends discouraged me so much that about the time that I had contemplated starting as induced me not to go and as my summer was then left unappropriated it appeared as Providence had opened the way for my long contemplated visit and I am much gratified at having gone.

I have determined to send by the next mail a check to Wirt for thirty dollars and as I have not been able to get a check on N.Y. from any bank I have shall send one signed by myself on the person with whom my money is deposited. Should Wirt not be able to pass it, I have requested him to send it to Uncle Alfred hoping that Uncle will be able to get the Parkersburg bank to give a check in exchange. Should Uncle not be able to do so, please return it to me and I will write on to N. York and get a bill or check of deposit if necessary. I hope that their will be no occasion of forwarding it to Uncle. Give much love to uncle and to all the Family and remember that I am always glad to hear from you.

Your affectionate nephew, Thomas.

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