A Guide to Portraits in Preston Library

The Virginia Military Institute maintains a large collection of fine art and artifacts. Some of the most notable examples from VMI's portrait collection, including works by 19th century artist William D. Washington, are displayed in Preston Library. This page lists only those paintings located in the Library. Use your browser's "find" option to search for a subject. For detailed information about these and other paintings at VMI contact the VMI Museum.Ayres by Norman Rockwell

3rd Floor. Gallery & adjacent areas (primarily World Wars I & II)

4th Floor Gallery - Civil War portraits by William D. Washington.  Related information- Washington bio & online exhibit

4th Floor. Archives Reading Room (M-F, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)
The Patton portraits were painted by William D. Washington.

4th Floor. Other areas.

5th (Main) Floor. Turman Room. (VMI Superintendents)
Dates of service as Superintendent follow each name

5th (Main) Floor. Class of 1969 Memorial Room (Periodicals Room)
These four members of the Class of 1969 were killed in the Vietnam War

5th (Main) Floor. Other areas. (location noted in parentheses)

6th Floor gallery and Ward Reading Room

6th Floor stacks & other areas