Genealogy, Biography, Alumni

Two cadets  of the 1850's

Searching for Your VMI Ancestor?

Our online historical rosters database is the best place to start your search. The rosters includes the names of all students who were enrolled at VMI-- whether or not they graduated-- from opening day on November 11, 1839 through the World War II era. If you locate a name in our database and would like more information/copies of available documents, please contact us.

What's in Our 19th & Early 20th Century Biographical files?
One of our most popular and valuable resources is our collection of 19th and early 20th century biographical files. A file exists for every early alumnus--both graduates and non-graduates, as well as for early faculty and staff members. A typical cadet record consists of correspondence from parents regarding a cadetship; correspondence from the alumnus; alumni questionnaires, often containing genealogical information; and obituaries and other clippings. Family historians can frequently locate a wealth of information about VMI ancestors.

Important note to researchers: we release historical student records only. We do not release information about living alumni or other nonhistorical student records.