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Turman Room Reservation Request Form 

Turman Room use policies are shown below.  Please read these policies and submit requestor and meeting information to the library via this room reservation request form.  Contact Erika Brooke at 540-464-7228, or email, if you have any questions.  A member of our staff will e-mail you a reservation confirmation after we receive your request.  Please contact the library if you have not received confirmation about your request within one business day. 

Submission of this form indicates your acceptance of the following library policies.

Room and Operating Information:

The Turman Room is available only during normal library operating hours.  Hours of operation during the Fall and Spring semesters are shown below.  Library hours are reduced over holidays, in the summer, and on home football game weekends.  Call the library if you have questions about operating hours (see the football schedule or the academic calendar for help making your reservation plans). 

Monday - Thursday 0800 - 0100

0800 - 2300

Saturday 0800 - 2300 (0800-1300 & 1900-2300 for home football games)
Sunday 1000 - 0100
Fire codes restrict the occupancy of the Turman Room to 80 people.  Groups larger than this may not use the room. There is a charge of $20 for non-VMI agencies for use of the room.  When you reserve room time for your event please be sure to include setup (i.e., food delivery and room rearrangement time, etc.) and clean up time for your event. 

Requestor Contact Information:
Name of Requestor
Phone Number

Date & Time of Reservation Request:

Name of Event

Date of Event

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Time of Event
e.g. 0800-1000  

Size of Group


Room Configuration:

The typical arrangement for the Turman Room includes 80 stackable chairs, arranged with a center aisle and two sections that face a podium and projector screen in the front of the room and several 7' x 3 1/2' tables.  If you require a different room arrangement, please contact VMI's physical plant (Physical Plant Help) for help rearranging the Turman Room furniture.  To protect our carpet, do not attempt to move tables yourself.  If you ask workers to come rearrange the room before your meeting, make sure that they know to restore the room to its original configuration after your meeting.  You are responsible for ensuring that the room is returned to its typical arrangement after the close of your event. 


Is there a special room configuration?


If yes, please explain and contact the Physical Plant (Physical Plant Help, 540-464-7357) within 24 hrs. of the event.







Media Assistance:

The Turman Room features state of the art media equipment.  To use this equipment, contact the library and schedule a tutorial.  A tutorial is required for Turman Room equipment use.  Contact Media Services at 540-464-7655 ( at least 48 hours before the event for media training.  If outside equipment will be used, it must not be connected to our equipment and the requestor must assume responsibility for its setup and operation.


Do you need media equipment?


If yes, please explain your needs and contact Media Services.




The requestor is responsible for contacting ARAMARK for food service.  Please remove uneaten food when vacating the room and attend to clean up.  Include time for food setup and removal in your reservation. 


Will you have food at this event?


If yes, please explain and contact Aramark (540-464-7374) and the Library Administrative Assistant, Erika Brooke, 540-464-7228, or email, for food delivery and removal times. 


 Please be sure to submit your form below.  Form submission indicates your acceptance of the above library policies.