Admissions Status Definitions

During the application process the applicant’s status may be classified under several different categories as it moves through the process. They include:

Inquiry: Students in this category have been added to the database from many sources. In most cases we do not have much information about the academic profile of these students or a measure of their interest in VMI. They have been added to the inquiry pool from sources such as college fairs, direct mail responses, recommendations from alumni etc.

Incomplete: A student in this category has submitted an application but there is at least one piece of the application package that is not yet complete, i.e. no transcript, no counselor recommendation form, no application fee, no SAT/ACT score etc. Upon receipt of the application package the admissions office notifies the student indicating the information received as well as what additional material is required.

Complete: The application is complete but a decision by the admissions staff has not yet been made.

Appointed: Students in this category have submitted all the necessary application materials and have been offered admission. They will be notified of their appointment by mail with an official certificate. In addition they will be informed of the date by which they must indicate their intent to accept or decline the offer of appointment and what they must do to begin the reservation process. All appointments are “conditional” meaning that the student must meet all medical requirements and successfully complete their current academic program.

Deferred: Students in this category do not currently have the academic credentials to be competitive for admission but their overall record indicates potential. They are informed of what they must do for their application to receive further consideration. In most cases this means they must submit additional SAT/ACT scores or additional course grades. Applicants in this category are often told they will not be notified of a final decision on their application until after 1 April.

Turn Down: Students in this category have made application but do not have the academic credentials worthy of an offer of appointment. They are informed by mail of our decision and no further action is taken on their application.

Waiting List: Students in this category have not been offered appointment, but have not been turned down. Some aspect of the student’s academic record indicates potential but they are in the lower tier of the applicant pool. They are informed that they have been placed on the waiting list and will be reevaluated at the end of the recruiting year (usually after 15 May) on a space available basis. To be considered from the wait-list they must continue to update the admissions office with grades and in some cases additional SAT/ACT scores.

Partial Reservation: Students in this category have been offered appointment and have indicated their intent to matriculate by submitting the $300.00 reservation deposit. Once they complete and submit their medical forms, dental forms, and additional paperwork they will be classified as a complete reservation.

Reservation: Students in this category have submitted all of the necessary deposits and paperwork. They have been approved for admission both academically and medically. This is the final step in the application process prior to matriculation. If the student has a medical, academic, or disciplinary problem between the completion of their reservation and matriculation VMI reserves the right to cancel their reservation and revoke their appointment.

Canceled: Applicants in this category have been offered appointment but have decided not to enroll at VMI. Appointed applicants could be moved to this category after the appointment, partial, or even reservation stage. If they cancel after the 1 May deadline they do not receive a refund of their $300.00 reservation fee.

TDSP: The Turn Down Special (TDSP) category is used in limited form for an applicant that is turned down for the current year but is planning to reapply for the following year after a year of post-high school academic work. The office of Admissions remains in contact with the applicant and often assists them in selecting the courses they will take before reapplying. This is for applicants that have a strong interest in VMI and have had close contact with the admissions office.

you have questions about these definitions, call the VMI Admissions Office at (540) 464-7211.