High School Visits

In addition to college fairs one of the most effective recruiting tools is a private visit to a high school. This often involves meeting with students and or a guidance counselor.  All new cadet recruiters are encouraged to select one or more high schools in their area to visit in the fall or spring of each year. Early to mid October is a good time to make contact with the guidance office and schedule a visit to talk with seniors. Early spring is a good chance to visit and talk with juniors.

In some cases a high school may require notification from the admissions office that a particular volunteer is attached to the school and is authorized to visit. Please contact our office if you need help setting up your visit.

VMI Admissions phone number (540) 464-7211

Steps to making a high school visit:

  1. Identify a high school and contact the guidance office to schedule a visit

  2. Contact the VMI Office of Admissions to request handout literature and if necessary to contact the high school to authorize the visit.

  3. Once the visit is made forward the inquiry cards with the student information back to the Office of Admissions.