New Faces in the ECBU Department

The department of Economics and Business has gone through an expansion! Here are some of the new faces in the department.

Major Sam Allen
Sam Allen strives to learn something new every day. He appreciates tackling interesting questions and viewing issues from different perspectives. For this reason he's been studying and teaching economics since college. His specific academic interests include labor economics, economic history, and public policy. His research addresses historical and contemporary workers' compensation insurance issues and how workers make choices about their educational training.  Sam earned a bachelor's degree at Elon College, a doctorate in economics from the University of Arizona, and completed a two-year post-doc at the University of California-Davis prior to joining the EC-BU department at VMI last fall.

Major Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth W. Baker teaches Management Information Systems, as well as courses in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Databases.  She received her MBA with a concentration in MIS and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona, and Ph.D. in Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University.  A native of Richmond, she is the daughter of Bill Besenfelder, Class of '68.

Major James Bang
In his short teaching career, Jim has taught courses in principles of economics, international trade, globalization, and development economics. In addition to these areas he is slated to teach statistics in the upcoming year. He is currently conducting empirical research on liberalization policies in developing and transition countries, including the determinants and consequences of alternative design schemes for privatization and the implications of various approaches to trade liberalization. A key factor that is important for both areas of research is the fact that policy is endogenous and factors affecting the outcomes in different countries tend to be interrelated.

Major Raymond MacDermott
Raymond J. MacDermott joined the ECBU department in the fall of 2006. Raymond comes to us, with his wife, Helen, and daughter, Aíne, from New York by way of Illinois where he taught at Western Illinois University for 4 years. He teaches international trade and macroeconomics. His research focuses on the effects of policy on foreign direct investment. Raymond earned his bachelors from Ithaca College, master's from the University of Pittsburgh and doctorate from Rutgers University.