Faculty Research

Our faculty have been hard at work publishing research in academic journals as well as presenting their research at various conferences around the country and the world. Here is a sampling of their work.

Col. Bush

  • Essays on Environmental Leadership and Management (with Erchul and Maisano) VMI Press
  • "Regression Towards the Mean versus Efficient Market Hypothesis: An Empirical Study" (with Canning) in the Journal of Business and Economics Research
  • The Impact of Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation on Predicting the Risk of Bankruptcy in the Journal of Financial and Economic Practice

Col. Husted

  • “National D-Day Memorial: The Right Vision Becomes a Question of Fundraising Ethics” in the Business Case Journal.
  • “A Text Book Author’s Perspective: Lessons Learned from Publishing Experiences,” in the Marketing Management Association Proceedings and Presentation.

Lt. Col. Basu

  • “Price Discrimination and Resale: A Classroom Experiment” in the Journal of Economic Education.
  • “Losing the Edge at the Final Frontier: A Relative Decline in Scientific Inputs and its Consequences” in Applied Econometrics and International Development.

Maj. Baker

  • "Information Systems' Cumulative Research Tradition: A Review of Research Activities and Outputs Using Pro Forma Abstracts." (with Andoh-Baidoo, K., White-Baker, E., Susarapu, S., and Kasper. G.M) in Information Resources Management Journal.
  • "Relational Model-Base Structures: Underpinnings for Decision- Centered Management Systems." (with Sutherland, J.W) in the Journal of Decision Systems.

Maj. Cobb

  • "Decision making with hybrid influence diagrams using mixtures of truncated exponentials (with P.P. Shenoy) in the European Journal of Operational Research.
  • "Approximating probability density functions in hybrid Bayesian networks with mixtures of truncated exponentials" with P.P. Shenoy and R. Rumí) in Statistics and Computing.
  • "Bayesian network models with discrete and continuous variables" with A. Salmerón and R. Rumí) in P. Lucas, J.A. Gamez, and A. Salmerón (eds.) Advances in Probabilistic Graphical Models, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing.
  • "Continuous decision MTE influence diagrams" in M. Studeny and J. Vomlel (eds.) Proceedings of the Third European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models.

Maj. MacDermott

  • “Trade Agreements and the Environment: An Industry Level Study of NAFTA and the Pollution Haven Hypothesis” in the Global Economy Journal.
  • “Regional Trade Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment” in the North American Journal of Economics and Finance.

Conference Participation:

  • Col. Husted gave a talk to the Federal Executive Institute at the Marshall Foundation in February 2007 entitled "George C. Marshall: Fundamentals of Leadership."
  • Lt. Col. Basu presented "On Ethnic Conflict and the Origins of Terrorism" at the World Public Choice Society Meetings in Amsterdam.
  • Lt. Col. Moreschi presented "Risk Tolerance: An Analysis of Investor Self-Assessment Capabilities" at the International Atlantic Economic Conference in Philadelphia in October and "NASCAR Corporate Sponsorship and Market Efficiency" at the Academy of Economics and Finance Conference in Jacksonville, FL in February.
  • Maj. Baker presented “Analyzing Enterprise Architecture Integration at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using the Zachman Framework” at the Southern Association of Information Systems in March in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Maj. Cobb presented his research at the INFORMS National Meeting in Pittsburgh in November and the Third European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models in Prague in September.
  • Maj. MacDermott presented “A Panel Study of FDI and Trade” at the Eastern Economic Association meeting in New York and the Western Economic Association meeting in Seattle.