Cadet Awards for Excellence

The Annual ODE Banquet to honor our top cadets was held on March 27th. 

Maury Denton won the Faculty Choice Award (formerly the Wall Street Journal Award) for excellence in the study of economics and business throughout this academic career. The Top Gun Award for the highest score on the Business Achievement Test went to Michael Canning. Richard Meredith was the recipient of two honors: the Wheat Medal for excellence in the study of economics and the Philpott Medal for excellence in the study of business.  


The following were given awards for Academic Excellence for maintaining GPAs above 3.0:

Awards2007-1st1st Class
Wadsworth Bugg
Michael Channing
Stuart Craft
Sean Day
Maury Denton
Sean Hingley
Shian-Jiun Lin
Patrick Mcgill
Richard Meredith
Michael Moorman
Stephen Prugh
Alexander Rawling
Chad Rice
Frederick Robinson
Tyler Russell
Jonathan Schwerer
Ryan Smith


Awards2007-2nd2nd Class
Christopher Beyer
Derek Bryant
Denny Fox
Jared Gastrock
Shane Geisslinger
Eric Hunter
Jonathan Kim
Anthony Menas
Steven Phillips
Jacob Rochester
Scott Sanders
Garrett Smith
Jeremy Whitsitt
Rhys Williams


Awards2007-3rd3rd Class
Ryan Clark
Matthew Lewis Gift
Joseph Taylor
Edward Van Es






Awards2007-4th4th Class
Adam Carpenter
Michael Casper
Paul Devalk
Jarrod Imatani
Adam Lonon
Jacob Moore
William Romaine
Daniel Welsh
Shawn Wongkachonki