Hinman Award Winner

MikeCanningWhat began as a summer undergraduate research opportunity in 2005, concluded with the
Wilbur S. Hinman, Jr. ’06 Research Award for Cadet Michael Canning, 07, at this year’s Institute Awards.  After Michael Tittermary, ‘05, working under LTC Robert W. Moreschi, opened a research agenda in financial management based on regression towards the mean, Cadet Canning pitted the conflict between regression and the economic concept – Efficient Market Hypothesis.  His efforts results in a paper, "Regression Towards the Mean and Investment Portfolios,” which garnered him a third place finish at VMI’s Undergraduate Research Symposium in Spring 2006, departmental honors, and a presentation at NCUR 2006.  Working with Col. H. Francis Bush on a second paper, “Regression Towards the Mean Versus Efficient Market Hypothesis: An Empirical Study,” Cadet Canning presented at The 2006 International Applied Research Conference earning a Best Paper Award and later publication the Journal of Business and Economics Research.  Congratulations Mike!