Template Definitions Information

For each site using the global template show.aspx there will be a template definitions folder.  In this folder there will be 3 content items.  They are the banner or header content, the contact information content, and the email link content.  The contents of these 3 along with the left side menu will be used to customize the show template for different sites.

A template id has been assigned automatically to the template defined in the root folder (show) of this site.  For example the template defined for this site is "show.aspx?tid=19871".  The content id of 19871 points to an html content page that defines the header, left side menu, contact information, and the email the webmaster information.  The tid value will change for each different site that implements the show.aspx global template.  The web administrator will determine and apply the tid value to each site folder when the global template is installed.