Keith ChristensenDr. Keith Christensen, a chemist, who previously taught part-time as an adjunct in the Chemistry Department, has been appointed the environmental engineering laboratory manager.  A Jackson-Hope Grant was awarded to fund a part-time three-year position to support management and development of the lab.

Dr. Christensen received his B.S./M.S. in botany (’79, ’80) from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and worked in pesticide use mapping and analyzing trace pesticides in soils and plant tissues.  He received his doctorate in chemistry from UC Davis, Davis, Calif., in 2002.

Through the efforts of Civil and Environmental Engineering ProfessorLt. Col. Charles Bott ’96, the lab has become state-of-the-art.  To date, Bott has obtained nearly $750,000 in external research funding to support a wide range of projects. 

Dr. Christensen is providing much needed leadership, training, and standardization in the lab, with his expertise in analytical chemistry.  Keith is helping to maintain and operate laboratory instrumentation that is used to analyze environmental samples for a wide variety of constituents.  His service has been invaluable with many students needing to operate sophisticated instruments to analyze a wide range of samples.  Dr. Chistensen keeps the instruments in top working order, trains students on their operation, and helps to ensure data quality.