The primary goals of the NROTC program are to provide students with:

  1. an understanding of the fundamental concepts of naval science;
  2. a basic understanding of associated professional knowledge;
  3. an appreciation of the requirements for national security;
  4. a strong sense of personal integrity, honor, and individual responsibility;
  5. an educational background which will allow them to successfully undertake, in later periods of their careers, advanced/continuing education in fields of application and interest to the naval service; and 
  6. a high state of physical fitness for the purpose of health and performance.

Midshipmen Battalion Mission

The mission of the NROTC VMI Midshipmen Battalion is to provide leadership opportunities and responsibilities to contracted midshipmen and cadets seeking a commission. The Midshipmen Battalion seeks to produce educated and competent junior officers in the Navy and Marine Corps; junior officers who will be self-motivated men and women of action. The Battalion will emphasize the necessity of teamwork and team building that is essential to the objectives of the United States Navy/Marine TEAM.